PA of the Year

Now in its 14th year, this award has seen nominations coming in recognising the leading professionals in the secretarial/admin profession.

Nominations also see various sectors represented - from corporates (large and small) to government, SOEs and the civic sector.

The award is organised by PAFSA: The Professional Association for PAs and Admin Assistants.

Nominations are called for in May, every year, and the process ends in September with the announcement of the annual titleholder..

Help us find the top professionals in South Africa. It is you who can make the difference.

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Description of the Award

A top award for the office heroines/heroes whose endeavours keep executives effective and focussed on leading their companies and organisations to performance success.

This award was launched in 2006 exclusively for PAs and its purpose is to recognise the achievements of PAs across South Africa, and to enhance the stature of the Personal Assistant.

The ultimate recognition for the ultimate PA

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