PA of the Year 2020 Finalists

Charlene Cannell: PA at PWC

Charlene says: Every day as a PA is amazing. To be a PA you work hard and have fun - work hard and play hard. The two go hand in hand. I do not see being a PA as a job, but rather something that allows me to grow, to interact, to build relationships, to network, to learn, to provide a service, and most of all, to enjoy what I do. Looking at it in that way makes every day being a PA memorable.

Use your voice for KINDNESS, your ears for COMPASSION, your hands for CHARITY, your mind for TRUTH and your Heart for LOVE.


Janine Bester: PA at BBE

Janine says: ‘Don’t sow weeds in your mind when you wish for lilies to grow’. I believe in empowering people by imparting the skills and knowledge that I have been taught and experienced over my working life, this is my way of ‘paying it forward’.Be that person who employees feel safe to confide in and give time to, should they need to get something off their minds and hearts in confidence

 If you CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS, the things you look at change. - 
Dr Wayne Dyer

Jenine bester


joani november

Joani November: PA at Muteo Consulting

Joani says: Being an administrator is never about oneself only, but always about assisting others and keeping the organisation together in pursuit of success. I believe that this profession has equipped me in so many ways and the skills and knowledge that I have gained is a great asset not only in my professional capacity, but also personally, at home as a wife and mom, or at church or any other extramural activity.

Courage is what it takes to STAND UP and SPEAK; courage is also what it takes to SIT DOWN and LISTEN. - Winston Churchill


Jonell Fourie: PA at Interaction Market Services

Jonell says: I know that the work that we do makes a significant difference in the lives of the people that we provide support to. I have never once looked at my job description because in my job, as Executive PA to the CEO and CFO of the business, the effectiveness of my outcomes has a direct impact on the success of the business. But I believe my impact ought to be broader than just surpassing the expectations of my leaders.

SUCCESS isn’t just what you ACCOMPLISH in your life! It’s about what you INSPIRE others to do.

Jonell Fourie. PAOTY 2020


Julie Ivason PAOTY 2020

Julie Ivanson: PA at Profica

Julie Ivanson: Always give of your best performance. As EAs we carry a heavy load. We should have a high leadership capacity and “make things happen”. We are expected to think ahead, communicate up, look down, and stay balanced. I am expected to be the backbone, the innovator, the task-doer, the culture-keeper, the encyclopedia, the workaholic, and about a thousand more. This you do with a wink and a smile. The passion with which you do this will liberate others to do the same.

Let your unique AWESOMENESS and POSITIVE ENERGY INSPIRE authenticity and confidence in others. Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, ALWAYS BRING YOUR OWN SUNSHINE.


Simone Langman: PA at Property Brands

If there is any wisdom I could pass on to future assistants of any kind, I would share what has been most impactful for me: adaptability, forward thinking, a hunger for knowledge and living a balanced life. There is no set formula in place in this new era we live in. Being successful in the way we deal with various people, the pace at which we work, and the ability to switch over between completely different tasks is only possible if we are adaptable.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Simone Langman 2020


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