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PA of the Year Award

A national award for the office heroines/heroes whose endeavours keep executives effective and focussed on leading their companies and organisations (in the private and public sector) to performance success.

This Award was launched in 2006 exclusively for PAs and its purpose is to recognise the achievements of PAs across South Africa, and to enhance the stature of the Personal Assistant.


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The Crystal Award

An Award for frequent Summit attendees

The intent of the exclusive PA summits is to have emerge a community of committed PAs united by a sense of responsibility to review and address emerging trends in their field, and to encourage best principles and practises.

People may ask if the recognition through the PA Crystal Award is an ‘end’ in itself or has furthermeaning – the founders believe that the purpose is broader than the recognition awarded to someone; itis meant to carry a message to the broader public i.e. to encourage PAs to take time to care aboutexamining their thoughts, approaches and methodologies and to encourage them to engage in a processof constant personal growth.

• Eligibility for Award

A participant who has attended four annual PA Summits has clearly shown commitment to thinkingand idea exchange about her/his profession.

All in all, the Summit is for those who more than wanting to just absorb, interpret and practice, arewanting to observe, reflect and practice - in an ambience which takes one out of one's comfort zone, and exposes one to one's peers as well as to academics and gurus.

• Rules of the Award

A participant has to have attended four Annual Summits

The participation in four Annual Summits does not mean necessarily sequentially without a break.

• Presentation of Award

The Award is in the form of a Certificate and trophy and is presented to the recipients at the end of the Summit.

Lifetime Achiever Award

The Professional Association for Secretaries and PAs (PAFSA) presented René Potgieter a PA at First Rand, with the first Lifetime Achievement Award recognising selfless service to the secretarial profession.

At a Gala Lunch, held at Emperors Palace on Secretaries Day, and in front of 200 peers, Rene Potgieter, was recognised and rewarded for her outstanding contribution to the enhancement of the secretarial profession spanning a period of 28 years.

Ana-Maria Valente, head of PAFSA’s EXCO, said: “I have known René for two decades, and always in her capacity of serving or leading committees. She never turns away from an opportunity to contribute of her time or knowledge if it’s for the good of her peers. I have never seen her ask for anything in return, least of all, for recognition – and that is what makes her truly one of a kind.

“René is always open to asking for help or advice when she herself needs, and always ready to give it when it is asked. PAFSA is honoured to have her as head of its PA of the Year Award, and honoured to count on her experience and expertise when needed. We salute her, and know that she is the best pioneer-recipient of this Lifetime Achievement Award in South Africa.”


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