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Special Feature:
True or false?

As the answer to this question will undoubtedly be different from one person to the next, let me comfort you - There is no ABSOLUTE correct answer to this question!  It will depend on how you see your own position in your respective profession and how that fits into your personal life. How do PAs see this?  READ MORE...


 # Opinion:
Companies take diversity more seriously now!  True or false?

I want to share a quote that someone sent me: “Women are often discouraged from expressing themselves in the workplace when, in fact, they can capitalise on their emotional intelligence... As much as we like to think we can leave our problems at the door, this is not realistic!" Do you agree? READ MORE…


Eat, Work
and Love!

We have all heard of the afternoon slump after lunch which is also referred to as the graveyard shift or the PM-crash.

Do you also feel that  your afternoons are  longer than your mornings?  Some helpful tips to get you through the day. READ MORE…


Explain to me:
What is a transferable

Let’s get right to the point!   Transferable skills are general skills which you acquire in one situation i.e. work and can use in another i.e. socially.

How familiar are you with your skillset? READ MORE…


Hot office issues:
Physically disabled does not mean work-disabled

It is human nature to look at disabled people with compassion, but it is not right to think that compassion and pity are the same thing. Compassion means caring whereas pity suggests a negative evaluation of the person in question.  If we show pity we are reinforcing in them feelings of inferiority and that because they are disabled, they are unable to do anything.  Let’s question our attitudes. READ MORE...


Office efficiency:
What isn’t working: Paper struggles in the digital landscape

Despite numerous technological innovations that have changed the way we work, an issue we are  facing as PAs is still the dependency on paper to execute activities that could otherwise be executed faster, more efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner. It’s time to start putting a stop to this! Are you ready? READ MORE...


The future and us:
Let’s Use Hyperlinks instead of attachments – here’s how/why?
Attachments are old-world-think! They can create more problems for you than being of assistance. Become a hyper-link fan and make it easier on yourself and for those you wish to engage with or provide more information to. How hyper-link savvy are you? READ MORE...


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