Members credo

Attaining membership of PAFSA means that you abide by your profession's Credo.

I believe that the philosophy of the administrative profession embodies a foundation of logic and learning, ethics and integrity, courtesy and understanding, and a desire to be of benefit to others

The principal obligation of an administrative professional is to function as a support to management and increase the effectiveness of the executive.

An administrative professional occupies a position of confidence, trust and responsibility and accepts this position as a privilege to guard carefully.

Administrative professional excellence requires comprehensive educational preparation and then a lifelong striving for self improvement through a programme of continuing education.

The maintenance of high standards is essential to the continuing advancement of the administrative profession.

The qualifications of an administrative professional are enhanced by a businesslike demeanour and by friendliness, co-operation, good humour and enthusiasm.

An administrative professional should assume responsibility for guiding qualified young people toward careers in the administrative profession.

A career as an administrative professional is both challenging and rewarding.

So believing… I therefore dedicate myself to preserve and to practice these principles and to uphold them at all times with dignity and honour.

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