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South Africa’s new PA of the Year, Danna Smith, is from the South African Reserve Bank

Danna Smith, PA to Olaotse Matshane at the South African Reserve Bank was awarded the prestigious title of SA’s PA of the Year 2023 on Spring Day 1st of September during its annual PA Summit organized by the Professional Association for Secretaries and Admin Assistants of South Africa (PAFSA) held at The Capital Hotel on the Park in Sandton.

On receiving the title Danna said: “Firstly, I feel privileged and humbled, and secondly, no women is an island - there were quite a few people involved in this process in me becoming the titlebearer for 2023.

“Thank you PAFSA for taking the lead and creating the platform for acknowledgement at this level. It not only benefits the profession but contributes to the enormous growth of everyone taking part in this process. Every PA at the South African Reserve Bank and colleagues in my department supported me along the way and upon arrival at the event I continued to receive support as I was instantly welcomed into the PAFSA family.
“The sponsors of the event underlined their interest in this profession by acknowledging its importance in the economy of this country. Thank you to all of them.

“I wish to thank all the PAs that took part in this journey from being nominated right through to the finalists because that is what makes this journey so tough but worthwhile. Accepting the title of PA of the Year for 2023 is a proud moment but also a vulnerable moment because this is where I ask for your help and support so that we can make this profession even more prominent and indispensable.

Referring to what I said earlier – may we all, as PAs, fly in formation. No-one has ever made a difference by being like everyone else”.

On hearing the news, hers boss, Olaotse Matshane said: “I just received the wonderful news. Congratulations Danna, well deserved. I could never have asked for a better PA.
“Organizers of the Award say that this recognition is critical both for the incumbents of any profession, as well as for the profession itself. Any profession, and the secretarial one is no different, enjoys and benefits of being recognized for the role it plays in the market space, but the professionals themselves benefit far more from the recognition and praise because they will ensure the survival of that profession and its evolution.”

In South Africa, the PA of the Year Award clearly sets standards; raises standards and elevates the excellence bar of the secretarial and Admin profession.

PAFSA thanks all the numerous sponsors for their support with a special word for Hospitality Junxtion for having partnered PAFSA in this event

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