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The Annual PA Summit takes place in Gauteng in the month of September, on national Secretaries Day.

Professional Administrative Day (Known as Secretaries Day in the past).

This day is celebrated annually on the first Wednesday of September.

There is simply no equal to this!

PAFSA's Secretaries Day event offers you a unique programme:

  • A morning of learning (PA Summit)
  • A glamorous and entertaining lunch
  • An afternoon being part of the ceremony which announces the PA of the Year

Every year we offer:

  • Top local speakers
  • Peer-to-peer engagement, and
  • An opportunity to celebrate
    YOUR profession!

Annually on first Wednesday of September.
Because you deserve it!

NB: In 2023, for logistical reasons PAFSA is holding its Annual PA Summit a few days before Professional Administrative Days, and it will take place on Spring Day instead – Friday 1 September.

2023 Brochure here SUMMIT-RATE-CARD.pdf (
2023 Booking form here PAFSA Annual Summit Event 2023 | Cognito Forms



Secretaries Day

Secretaries Day Gala lunch organised by PAFSA takes place annually at a deluxe venue and guests are treated to a gourmet menu, entertainment and lucky draws.

Guests also get to meet the current year's Finalists for the PA of the Year Award and are the first to know who the year's titlebearer will be announced.


PAFSA's Social club

PAFSA's Social club was founded in 2010. Originally planned to reunite members of the old PSA association,  it developed into a social club for PAFSA members. (Four get-togethers, one of which is the Secretaries Day lunch are organised annually).

The mission of the club is to provide PAs with an opportunity to network in a fun environment and to forget the trials and tribulations of their hectic schedules.  Each event includes a top speaker as well as a team excercise.

Attendance of the event is strictly for PAFSA members and is by invitation only.

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