InTouch Autumn 2018

InTouch is a PAFSA newsletter published quarterly, alternating with CareerSuccess magazine editions.

InTouch is emailed to PAFSA members coinciding with each season of the year. Articles are written by PAs themselves and cover the hottest skills, attributes and workplace scenarios.

Special Feature:
Don’t look now, but your gap is showing!

Noooo … it’s not ANY of those other gaps you are thinking of!!  The ‘gap’ referred to here is the one that might just be slowly developing in your organisation without anyone noticing! Can you guess what it is? READ MORE…

# Opinion:
Companies take diversity more seriously now!  True or false?

It is true that some companies are now taking ‘diversity’ seriously while others are still stuck in the belief that “birds of a feather must flock together”! What’s happening your way? READ MORE…

I’m in trouble.
Can you find me?

Remember the phrase some years back: “Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters”.
Well, it’s not going to help you today. In an emergency, do you know who to call and whether that person is going to answer the phone? READ MORE…

Explain to me:
What is Chatbot? 

Nope, it is not what you think!

It is not that colleague down the passage who suffers from a mild case of verbal diarrhoea!

So what is it exactly?

Hot office issues:
Wrong expectations of my

It feels good to always be available to assist everyone, to be the ‘go to’ person.  However, going the extra
mile can have its own challenges. Helping a colleague does not necessarily mean that you don’t have much to do! How do you feel about this? READ MORE…

Office efficiency:
Mi casa. Your casa. No!
Not at the office!

It has become generally known that open space offices have an adverse impact on productivity due to a number of factors – interruptions being one of them.

What is your experience?

The future and us:
Shhh! My mobile is proofreading!

How our working world has changed! We have become almost completely dependent on technology. Around us live the human mind and the machine mind! READ MORE…

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