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Key Feature:
AS A PA YOU CAN DRIVE a world class service culture

Customers today expect a superior level of excellence from you as the gatekeepers to the executive’s office. They expect it also from your co-workers who interface with them and it will determine whether… READ MORE...


Emotional Intelligence: HOW TO TAME your temper

We have all lost our temper at some point, we are after all human.  But when it becomes embarrassing to those around you and even to yourself, if you are honest, that is when you require the skills to tame your temper. Do you lose your temper in public, at work or at home? Are you often  READ MORE…


Opinion Piece:
HOW TO MANAGE your debt effectively

I would like to start with a quote: “A strong woman is one who Debt. The dreaded four-letter word that no one wants, but the majority of people have. All too often, the need for possessions and enhanced lifestyles is coupled with the need to have it all instantly – resulting in…. READ MORE…


Self Care:
BE AWARE of the fires that cause burnout

Most of us have occasionally experienced feelings of anxiety in our lives. Although it is normal to have feelings of anxiety at particular times, it may become a problem when it is excessive and prevents someone from coping with everyday tasks and enjoying life. When we are highly stressed, our bodies? READ MORE…



FROM PAFSA'S Young PAs, some of APPS you could start using!

  • Grammarly – This assists in checking grammar/spelling/wording with reports and minutes.
  • Passnfly – Check-in managers/executives for any airline used, using this AA app.
  • Travelit – The ultimate travel app for all travel arrangements.
  • TripCase – Organise travel itineraries for managers/executives and keeps the PA informed of any updates.
  • TripIt – Easy to use for all travel arrangements. The PA loads all the details on it and the boss knows exactly what, where and when.
  • Waze – Use for road trips and plan routes.
  • Otter – App to record minutes.
  • Trello – Definitive app to hold your work-life together.
  • Udemy  - Allows the PA to constantly keep up to date with courses and to study on the move.
  • Canva - Assists with all and any creative needs for the PA role.
  • – Your very own personal assistant. Amy is fabulous. She attends to scheduling meetings and appointments.
  • – This app removes all the spam and unwanted emails from automated email addresses and files it in a separate folder. From there you can choose to unsubscribe or keep.
  • Skype – Share information and interact with co-workers.  This also assists greatly when we are at different engagements and need to remotely partake in other meetings/sessions.
  • Teams – This is an upgrade from skype, is clearer and more definition for the domestic and international calls
  • WhatsApp – Various forums with different stakeholders and utilise this to communicate urgent information.
  • OneNote – Electronic sticky notes even whilst sitting in meetings


From PAFSA's M7s committee:
Ake Sifunde  
Click here for the knowledge bites on:

  • Are you a resilient PA
  • Repair difficult work relationships
  • What your boss really wants to hear from you
  • The power of your attitude
  • Two free weeks and more happiness
  • Managing conflict
  • Why you shouldn't drive in heels

From PAFSA's Royal Club:
Productivity Hacks
Click here for the knowledge bites on:

  • 5 steps on how 'to do life'
  • Is being a people-pleaser counter-productive?
  • The OHIO strategy
  • 5 time-management tips
  • The power of saying NO to increase productivity
  • 8 ways to be more mindful at work
  • The single-minute approach


From PAFSA's Research Office:
Career Advice
Click here for the knowledge bites on:

  • Asking for help
  • Your body language and confidence
  • Every job is an opportunity to learn
  • A daily motto
  • Dress for the job you want
  • Build good bridges
  • The value of persistence

From PAFSA's President:
Personal Inspiration
Click here for the knowledge bites on:

  • Self-reward
  • Giving of self
  • Helping others
  • Reaching out to others
  • Contrary winds
  • Courage to ask
  • Who to compare to
  • The positive in the negative


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