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InTouch Summer 2018

Special Feature: THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE FACED at work, and how I tackled it I chose to interview Daleen Martin, a personal assistant at my company (who together with another PA, Deirdre Searle) was given a mammoth task, to be done unexpectedly and in a very short time period.Read More

InTouch End-Winter 2018

Special Feature: YOUR JOB IS WHO YOU ARE. True or false? As the answer to this question will undoubtedly be different from one person to the next, let me comfort you – There is no ABSOLUTE correct answer to this question!  It will depend on how you see your ownRead More

InTouch Autumn 2018

InTouch is a PAFSA newsletter published quarterly, alternating with CareerSuccess magazine editions. InTouch is emailed to PAFSA members coinciding with each season of the year. Articles are written by PAs themselves and cover the hottest skills, attributes and workplace scenarios. Special Feature: Don’t look now, but your gap is showing!Read More

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