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Special Feature:
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE FACED at work, and how I tackled it

I chose to interview Daleen Martin, a personal assistant at my company (who together with another PA, Deirdre Searle) was given a mammoth task, to be done unexpectedly and in a very short time period.They acted as project managers putting this challenge to bed in no time. This makes for an interesting case-study.  READ MORE...


 # Opinion:
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE FACED in dealing with a person with forceful opinions/strong-minded personality.

I would like to start with a quote: “A strong woman is one who can build a firm foundation
with the bricks others have thrown at her". Anon. Think about this: Most successful people
have these common traits - they are strong minded, mentally tough and resolute about their
ideas – but these characteristics can be misused! Do you agree? READ MORE…


THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE FACED with handling an ill person and keeping myself focused

We have all made awful mistakes and caused heartache to others. I did this some months ago when my concern for a colleague who is a food handler as well as to protect those around her I spoke about her condition before I took care to get her consent to do so. How familiar are you with management and health surveillance of food handlers at work?  READ MORE…


Explain to me:
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE FACED in getting through to people with poor listening skills

Let’s get right to the point… We live in such a fast-paced world, and it is often difficult to keep up with the speed at which things are happening. You “speak” to colleagues via emails and yet you seldom know what they look like. Not surprising we are becoming “lazy” listeners!  READ MORE…


Hot office issues:
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE FACED in dealing with an unpleasant
situation at work

There are many challenges we have to face and deal with in the work place, but how we deal with them may erode or enhance your dignity. I am going to share my story of having to deal with being an “outsider". READ MORE...


Office efficiency:
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE FACED in getting technology to deliver
on expectations

Because of the nature of the work always having high priority in the CEO’s office the expectations of technology deliverables are very high, and when these fail for whatever reason, the consequences range from causing a serious nuisance to workflow to the dramatic. READ MORE...


The future and us:
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I HAVE TO FACE is the challenge of staying open-minded as the world of the PA enters a whole new phase.

Many of us start our careers at the assistant-level, and if you think it’s a job that’s going nowhere, think again. I’ve found that starting your career as an executive assistant can be a great way to make connections, gain experience, and get promoted. All it takes is a little time, hard work, and willingness to step out of the box. Here’s how to make the most of your job as an assistant - and use it to get wherever it is you really want to be. READ MORE...


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