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We invite you to nominate a PA for the PA of the Year Award 2016
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Do you ever feel that it would be great to be able "to phone a friend" to get a quick answer to an officework challenge!

We have that friend for YOU! It's called: Best Practice Manual for PAs and Admin Assistants. Order your copy now

PAFSA congratulates Chelene Venter of the South African Reserve Bank for being South Africa's PA of the Year® 2015

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The PA of the Year® judges have now selected the six Finalists for 2015. 

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The PA of the Year® 2015 judges have selected the nine Semi-Finalists for this year.

PAFSA congratulates all 9 Semi-Finalists and all those who were nominated. 

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PAFSA's Secretaries Day Summit and Gala Lunch programme 

PAFSA's Secretaries Day Gala Lunch on 2 September 2015 at Emperors Palace. 
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Meet Angelique Ross, Speaker at this year's PAFSA's Secretaries Day Gala Lunch.

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Meet Hector Motivator, the MC at this year's PAFSA's Secretaries Day Gala Lunch.

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Meet Gilan Gork, presenter extraordinaire and owner of a unique mind! Gilan is a keynote speaker at this year's PAFSA's Secretaries Day Summit.

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Meet Juliet Fourie, current Boss of the Year titleholder, keynote speaker at this years PAFSA's Secretaries Day Summit.

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NOW OPEN: Call for Nominations for PA of the Year 2015

Do you know a PA who deserves this recognition? Tell us about her or him…

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Deadline for nominations: Friday 31 July 2015 

The 2015 annual PA Summit theme invites you to celebrate your professionalism

On Secretaries Day, Wednesday 2nd September 2015, join PAFSA's events!

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In 2015 IYOTSA adopts the UN's International Year of Light as it's theme

The International Year of Light lends itself beautifully to the notion of continuing with putting a ‘spotlight’ on the PA/admin professional role and career. See more here

We proudly announce the titleholder for the 2014 edition of the PA of the Year® Award.

Lizzie Mudzingwa (Telkom SA SOC); Congratulations Lizzie! Let your light shine on all of us!

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3 September 2014
The Star Workplace announces the six finalists for the 2014 edition of the PA of the Year® Award.
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We proudly announce the six finalists for the 2014 edition of the PA of the Year® Award.

Zorro Nyathi (Exxaro Resources Limited);Susan Engelbrecht (Discovery Health); Tracy Dardis (Telkom); Wilna Jouber (Novartis SA (Pty) Ltd; Lizzie Mudzingwa (Telkom SA SOC); and Sharin Duncan (Sanlam Investments).
Congratulations to the six! See more on: Facebook

The PA of the Year® Award 2014 judges are almost done with their work in assessing the submissions by the nine semi-finalists selected so far.

The PAOTY ombudsman, Rene Potgieter, sent the 9 submissions to judges in a symbol-coded manner, and not with the semi-finalists names - this guarantees full fairness and no bias whatsoever in judging process.

Within 24 to 48 hours six finalists will emerge from the nine Semi-finalists who are:
Lizzie Mudzingwa - Telkom SA SOC Limited
Sharin Duncan - International Sanlam Investments
Sunelle Hanekom - University of Stellenbosch Business School
Susan Engelbrecht - Discovery Health
Tracy Dardis - Telkom
Tsholofelo Mhlongo - Kagiso Media
Wendy Johnson - Woolworths
Wilna Joubert - Novartis South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Zorro Nyathi - Exxaro

PAFSA congratulates all 9 Semi-finalists and all those who received commendations.

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IYOTSA 2014 article series in The Star Workplace

Article by Zimkitha Mbane: Why a personal assistant needs a big HEART

Calling all titleholders for 2014

As an IYOTSA 2014 initiative, the Academy of Excellence (AoE) is inviting all secretarial title winners for 2014 to join our AoE as honorary members. So if you have received one of the following titles: Admin Assistant of the Year, Secretary of the Year, PA of the Year, EA of the Year, VA of the Year, please contact us a.s.a.p. Send an email to iyotsa2014@gmail.com
Info on AoE here Follow AoE on Facebook

15 April 2014
Michele Thwaits and Zimkitha Mbane attend Gabon’s event

Participation in the Club Privilege’s 4th International Symposium of the Secretariat and Assistants in celebration of IYOTSA 2014 [ ...]

9 April 2014
IYOTSA 2014 article series in The Star Workplace

Article by Feroza Sader:Listen, understand and learn to work together

2 April 2014

IYOTSA 2014 April Theme

The value of team work [...]

26 March 2014
IYOTSA 2014 article series in The Star Workplace

Article by Teri Wells: Having an assistant is a valuable two-way street

13 March 2014

Free Training

How To Stay On Top Of The Game As An Assistant – A conversation with Joan Burge here

13 March 2014
Thank you Portugal

ASP officially announces its participation in IYOTSA 2014. See here

§ IYOTSA 2014 article series in The Star Workplace

Article by Anel Martin on 12 March:It's up to you to become a great PA

12 March 2014

Free Training:

“Supercharge Your Career with Social Media” by Angela Garry, the World’s Most Connected PA, PA Trainer and Founder of Pica Aurum.

About this Webinar:Developing a great online presence and professional network can enable you to reach the pinnacle of your career.

How do you accomplish that? Register here for the Webinar on 19 March 2014.

IYOTSA 2014 March Theme

The role of training in staying relevant [ ...]

10 March 2014

§ IYOTSA 2014 article series in The Star Workplace

Article by Susan Engelbrecht on 26 February: The skills you need as a PA

Article by Michele Thwaits on 12 February: Make connections last by networking effectively

30 January 2014

CareerSuccess IYOTSA edition

See here [...]

§ IYOTSA 2014 is picking up speed both internationally and at home

Our task team has been expanded and the members now include: Anel Martin CAP-OM (PAFSA President), Susan Engelbrecht (Academy of Excellence President), Teri Wells (PAFSA Vice President), Michele Thwaits, and Charlotte Massey-Hicks.

Internationally, we have appointed tow international representatives Lucy Brazier from the 'Executive Secretary Magazine' in the UK (who is assisting us globally) & Julie Perrine from "All Things Admin" in the US who will assist us in spreading the word in the United States.

Currently we are planning a launch in February and we will have our gala event in September 2014 to coincide with Secretaries Day in South Africa, Lucy Brazier will be on the programme that day and she is not to be missed!

We are also in the process a monthly newsletter which will have free training resources and keep you fully up to date with the IYOTSA 2014 happenings and news.

We have set up a Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter account for the International Year of the Secretary and Administrative Assistant 2014 and would like to encourage all of you to follow us for all the fun and the latest updates from around the world.

We already have taking part in the IYOTSA 2014 initiative:

The UK;United States; Italy; France; Portugal; Scotland; Greece; Canada; Gabon; Russia and Bangalore and we are signing up new countries on a weekly basis.

In South Africa we have a commitment from the PA Forums of FNB, RMB, Medscheme and Old Mutual and individual participants who include the best and brightest that South Africa has to offer. We would like to encourage you all to get involved and spread awareness for this incredible initiative (this has no cost to you or your company) so if you want more info please email iyotsa2014@gmail.com

§ Major news for PAFSA!
As from September 2013, PAFSA has an appointed President and Vice-President
Congratulations to:
Anel Martin who has been appointed President and Teri Wells who has been appointed Vice-President
Further developments and appointments:
Susan Engelbrecht has been appointed as President of the Academy of Excellence.
Sonja Bohlander has taken over the chairmanship of the Forum-Presidents Committee.
* Profiles on all appointees above are available under the Academy section of this website.

§ Congratulations to South Africa's 2013 PA of the Year

Zimkitha Mbane PA to the Executive Director - UNISA

More info here

§ Congratulations to the 9 PAs in South Africa who have reached the Semifinals in the

PA of the Year Award 2013

PAOTY 2013Semi-Finalists


CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety & Security

Exec. PA
Nashua Mobile


Old Mutual

Exec Assistant to CEO
Consumer Goods Council of SA


Exec. Assistant
Tintswalo Property Group


PA to Exec. Director

§ 5 September 2012: Proudly announcing the 2012 Titlebearer here

§ End August 2012: Proudly announcing the 2012 Finalists here

§ 01 August 2012: Proudly announcing the PA of the Year 2012 Semi-finalists here

§ 11 July 2012: Academy of Excellence Committee launches presence on Facebook:


§ 10 July 2012: Academy of Excellence Committee launches a Twitter presence

@ExcellencePA Passionate, award winning Personal Assistants who want to share tips, tricks, answer your questions and engage with YOU!

§ 6 June 2012 : PAFSA launches itself as a Professional Association for Secretaries and

Administrative Assistants in South Africa

PAs, Executive Assistants, secretaries and office managers are invited to become members of a new career home for the administrative profession. Membership is free to all in this profession, although there is also Premium membership for those that prefer additional benefits.

The Professional Association for Secretaries and Administrative Professionals, to be known by its acronym PAFSA is launched today, 6 June 2012, and all information as well as Membership Forms are available on www.pafsa.co.za.

By joining PAFSA you have access to publications, events, career information etc. PAFSA founders say that “one of the professions that has most undergone transformation in the last two decades is the secretarial/administrative profession.

“Resulting both from technology advances as well as significant changes to hierarchical structures in organisations, the PA has seen her role transform from a passive support system to an active support system”.

What this means is that, on the one hand, executives have become capable of handling keyboards and thus some traditional typing or correspondence is no longer needed to be dictated to, or requested from their secretary. On the other hand, many management positions were eroded and some of their tasks inherited by PAs and executive assistants. Consequently, contemporary secretaries, PAs and administrative assistants are a new breed of professionals which are required to have both the secretarial skills as well as some management skills.

The secretarial/administrative profession needed a career home that measured up to today’s realities, challenges and expectations. PAFSA, the Professional Association for Secretaries and Administrative Professionals is a new body designed to meet the new needs of today’s professionals.

Governed by an EXCO, PAFSA will have a series of focus committees which will attend to various aspects and needs of the association on the one hand, and of the profession on the other.

Says Shirley Skenjana, a PA at National Treasury, who heads the PAFSA Career Committee: What a moment to bring glory, respect, appreciation, enhancement and a huge responsibility to our noble career! I accept this responsibility with so much enthusiasm. I am looking forward to designing ways and means of encouraging PA’s to be agents of change, and to show that this profession is the life-blood of every office or organisation.

Echoing these aspirations is Rene Potgieter from RMB: “As someone who was involved and committed to a secretarial association in the past, which was known as The PSA back then, I am delighted that a career home for the administrative profession is in existence again. As the elected chair of the PA of the Year Committee for PAFSA, I will endeavour to keep the flag of excellence flying high. I look forward to having this professional association being the association of choice for every PA in South Africa”.

Says the current PA of the Year, Anel Martin, "As the newly appointed head of the Academy of Excellence Committee for PAFSA I will strive to set and maintain new standards of excellence for the profession".

In the interests of being representative, PAFSA has invited both the FriendsCup Social Club for PAs as well as the JHB branch of the international body IAAP to sit on its committees. Says Esmé van der Merwe current President of the local branch of the IAAP: “On behalf of The Johannesburg Chapter-at-Large of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (“The Chapter”) I would like to congratulate the founders on the milestone achievement to create PAFSA. The Chapter is looking forward to a good working relationship with PAFSA in the years to come”.

The PAFSA administrative support team at HO is Thandi Mtshali and Guida Morais.


To apply for membership is as easy as filling in the form here
by requesting a membership form from
More info on +27 11 616 7401


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